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General Information

General Information About Cancun

General Information about Cancun If you are traveling to Cancun, you may find useful some of the General Information. For example, check-ins, seasons to travel, hurricane season, places to visit in Cancun, how to move around the city, and consulates of the USA, Canada, and the UK.   Check-in and seasons to travel Most of the travelers who are visiting Cancun have a room reserved for their stay. However, it is relevant to…

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Playa Delphines

Cancun History

To understand about Cancun History, let's start first for, what does the name mean? There are several probable translations, but I found out these two which most of the Mayan descendant people find most popular. "Nest of Snakes" "Place of Gold Snake" No matter what the real meaning is, but one thing is for sure, "There is nothing to worry about the Snakes."  The Mayans believed in Kukulcan, a feathered-serpent god. Basically, the…

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Amazing Public Beaches

Best Beaches in Cancun

Best Public Beaches in Cancun Among the several best beaches in Cancun, we can find these: Playa Las Perlas Location: This is located next to the Imperial Las Perlas Hotel and next to The Marina Town Center also known as Puerto Cancun. Amenities: This public beach has the famous “Blue Flag” certification. This means this beach has changing-rooms, showers, bathrooms, lifeguard, free parking lot, etc. for more info Swimming area conditions: It…

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Chichen Itza

Mayan Ruins Near Cancun

Mayan Ruins and Vestiges that you can visit when traveling to Cancun Templo del Alacrán Yamil Lu’um Among the Mayan ruins near Cancun, you can find the Scorpion temple named due to the shape of a scorpion. This archaeological site is a hidden treasure that many visitors don't see when they come to Cancun. Don't feel bad if you have come and haven't seen it yet because this temple is not easy to…

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