What happens if my flight is delayed or canceled and I purchased transportation?

If you are arriving at The Cancún International Airport from home, we have staff available 24/7 at the airport waiting for you. If you are leaving your hotel, you can call us and we can make the changes (keep in mind once the van is sent, we cannot send it again).

What happens if my tour gets canceled for bad weather?

We will be monitoring each reservation and if there is bad weather and your activity is canceled, we will inform you. You may opt for a change or a refund. We received the report every morning and afternoon form the local Coast Guard Authorities. There is no need to call. Please see (sales y refunds terms)

Do I need to present any voucher for my tour?

Only present your confirmation on your cell phone and save paper.

Do I need to call to confirm my tour or activity?

As part of our distinguished service, we will call you and we will provide you with a confirmation and pick-up time.

Do I need to call or confirm my transfer back to the airport?

When you purchase a transfer from us, you won’t need to see anyone or call any number to confirm your return. We’ll call you and confirm it for you. If you may need to adjust the pick-up for your return due to changes in your itinerary, tell us in advance. Always follow the recommendations from the airline prior to your departure and check-in time.

What happens after I’ve purchased a tour and I need assistance?

We are available to you in the “Contact us” section. Service like no other!

Can I find better prices with other companies?

Many companies offer different tours, but sometimes we forget “The quality is what we remember, and the price is forgotten.” Always put attention to the prices especially if the prices are cheap. Most of the times, in the cost, don’t show hidden fees, taxes, or transportation.

Awesomecancun vs other websites?

When you make a reservation with us, select the tour you would like to do, and we will contact you to make sure everything goes fine. If you need assistance during the process of booking, we can provide proper information about a specific tour, or anything you want to know about Cancún. Our compromise goes beyond the expected.